Thursday, July 26, 2012

Body Painting Inside

Sorry for not posting lately! We had a pretty hectic month with doctor appointments, hospital visits, new therapies, etc. but we are back! We've been doing a ton of crafts and projects around here so expect a lot of new posts.

Last week we did body painting. We've tried body painting outside (here) but kiddo wasn't nuts about it. She was always the type to not want to touch anything sticky, wet, or mushy. She definitely wasn't into finger painting. Lately she has been exploring with using her hands to touch things of different textures and actually initiated body painting! We quickly caught on and put her in the tub to finish out the project. It was really fun!

Some tips:
- Start small. Sit them in the tub and let them start off by painting the walls to figure out what they are comfortable with
- Never just throw paint on the child if they aren't comfortable with that texture
- Offer a paintbrush, sponge, bingo dots, or something that they can use instead of their fingers
- If the child is uncomfortable, remove them right away. Never force them to do a project that they aren't comfortable with. Learning new textures is a long process and even involves a lot of trust
- Make sure to have a mat down. It gets slippery!
- Have fun!


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