Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome !

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out our site. I'll start with a brief introduction so you know who we are and what this site is about.

My name is Jessica and I have a 2 year old daughter named Kyra. Here she is being all cute...

Sensible Sensory is a site all about fun sensory projects and crafts to do with your kiddos. Sensory play is great for any child - not just those suffering from sensory processing disorder. We created this site to give you some good ideas for cheap. If you look online at all the 'sensory' toys and any home therapy items, they are expensive. Most parents just can't afford that, especially if they are already paying for therapy and doctor visits. There are definitely things you can do at home for controlled sensory play. We started doing sensory play about a year ago, so we are still fairly new to this. Kyra is currently diagnosed with ASD so it was up to us to provide her with fun projects and play areas at home. We live in a small house so our space was limited. We worked hard and turned her room into a tiny sensory room that she could go to if she was having a meltdown. She also has a ton of designated sensory toys, projects, clothing, etc. that she can use as well. We felt so lost when we first started our journey into sensory play. We want to help out any parents that might be feeling the same way.

We plan to not only document our activities, but also show you exactly where you can get these things for cheap (or how to make them yourself!). Not everything on this site is DIY, because lets face it - not everyone has the time or money to buy all of the supplies and make it. 

We love submissions too! Send us pictures of your kids playing, doing the activities we've posted, or submit your own! All submissions can be mailed to SensibleSensory@Live.com

Remember, sensory play is good for every child! It is highly recommended for toddlers and they will find it to be extremely entertaining. Our main goal here is to have fun! 

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  1. How do you make a weighted blanket?