Friday, February 24, 2012

Playing with Dyed Rice

This was one of our first sensory bucket activities and it still is a favorite! I suggest picking up a decent sized bucket for smaller sensory play time. We got the one below at BigLots for $5 over the summer. They still had some last time we were there along with different sizes. They keep the mess off of the floor while still allowing smaller kids to play freely.

We started by buying a huge bag of white rice. I suggest discount stores for this. We found a large bag at BigLots for $6. You'll also need food coloring and small plastic zip baggies. Take a cup of rice, pour it into the bag, and add some food coloring. Zip up the bag and hand it to your toddler! My daughter loves squishing the food coloring and rice all around. After you are happy with the results, pour the rice onto a plate or pan to dry for about an hour or two depending on how much food coloring you used.

Experiment with different colors! Mix certain ones to create a different pattern. So many possibilities. We started with blues and greens then added in more colors.


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